Climate Change Argumentative Essay

A Democrat’s Mission: Save The World

Climate change’s existence has been debated multiple times between the Republicans and Democrats. Over the years of debate, a Gallup poll has shown that 76% of the Democrat majority believes in the existence of climate change, while 59% of the Republican majority does not (Dunlap, Riley). While the Republicans do not believe in climatic changes, I would agree with the Democratic view due to their reasoning and ideas of counter-measurements.  As a result, I believe that we should support the actions that the Democrats wish to make in order from them to achieve their goals. A couple of examples of their actions towards climate change are Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth”, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “Hydrogen Highways” plan.

However before one may begin to debate both sides of climate changes, one must first understand what climate changes are. Climate changes have varying effects, however all of these effects essentially lead to the same outcome. Some of the effects of climate changes are that the average world’s temperature is increasing, the sea levels are rising, glaciers are melting, and long-term weather patterns are changing (Nicklen, Paul). All of these effects add up and lead to a negative effect on the world’s climate. While the effects of climate changes may vary; most are caused by the same major problem. This problem is more commonly referred to as the greenhouse effect.

The greenhouse effect works due to the warming of water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. All of these “greenhouse gases” heat up within Earth’s atmosphere and trap heat. While they will allow light to phase through them, they will keep the heat from leaving, which results in various climatic changes. Some examples of these climate changes are the rising of temperature, glaciers melting, and sea levels rising (Nicklen, Paul).

But what is it the cause for these greenhouse gases to exist and have such a negative impact on the climate? The answer is humans. Some examples of how we contribute to greenhouse gases are burning coal and oil, such as gasoline, industrial excess gases that are emitted into the air, and deforestation (West, Larry). However, the main problem is our population’s growth. As we continue to grow, we gradually contribute to all of these factors and will slowly increase the effects of greenhouse gases.

Since it is our own fault that we are negatively impacting our planet, I believe that it becomes our responsibility to take action and that is what the Democrats have been aiming for during this debate. The Republicans attempt to take an approach to fix this problem by reserving natural resources through methods such as parks (Dunlap, Riley). While this helps to save what resources we currently have, I do not believe that it will help the overall environment. For example, this method will not reduce greenhouse gases as the Democrats have attempted to do through Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “hydrogen highway”.

In this plan Schwarzenegger describes his hydrogen highway as security for California’s future in certain aspects. These can be aspects such as the air quality, public health, energy security, and national security (Press Release). When this plan was released, the state of California was faced with high spikes in prices of gasoline and thus it was looked at as a beacon of hope. Schwarzenegger even goes as far as saying that:


We can deal with these problems by investing in a clean hydrogen future, thus bringing jobs, investment, and continued economic prosperity to the state. We have an opportunity to prove to the world that a thriving environment and economy can co-exist. This vision for California is real and attainable; however, it will take time so we must plant the seeds now.” (Schwarzenegger)


Although this plan will cost money, I believe that Schwarzenegger sees it as an investment towards a brighter, healthier future. I also believe that he wishes for his plan to start small and hopefully with enough resources and support, Schwarzenegger will be able to spread this nation wide.

Some Republican supporters may argue that Schwarzenegger’s behavior is hypocritical. They can find evidence in the facts that Schwarzenegger utilizes his private jet to travel many miles to many places. This can lead to an excess 8,500 pounds of carbon-dioxide gas into the air (Schieltz, Mathew). While Schwarzenegger is harming the environment in the short run with these trips, he is also making these trips to hold important meetings and putting forth an effort that will aid the environment in the long run.

Another way that Democrats expressed their opinions and concerns on climate change was through the movie “An Inconvenient Truth”. This film, directed by Davis Guggenheim, shows the story of the old Vice President Al Gore traveling to various cities throughout the world. On Al Gore’s expedition, he presents and speaks about the true dangers of climate change. Al Gore states the true, disturbing, scientific facts that showed the destruction the climate changes were causing the earth (Nielson-Gammon, John). Some of the powerful examples that Al Gore showed in the film were the graphs of CO2 emissions that he related from the last 600,000 years to now, and a comparison picture of Kilimanjaro, which showed that the snowcaps had decreased dramatically.  The scientific facts that were shown were so powerful that A. O. Scott wrote in the New York Times:


I cant think of another movie in which the display of a graph elicited gasps of horror, but when the red lines showing the increasing rates of carbon-dioxide emissions and the corresponding rise in temperatures come on screen, the effect is jolting and chilling.” (A. O. Scott)


The film soon became popular and spread quickly; causing a sense of distaste with the Republicans that opposed the existence of climate change. Because of its vast knowledge of scientific fact it soon underwent attacks from Republicans that rallied against all it stood for. A talk show host, Glenn Beck, even went as far as to state “Mr. Gore’s narrative isn’t science, but science fiction.” (Film Review: An Inconvenient Truth).

In conclusion I believe that both Republicans and Democrats have seen the problem of these climate changes. However, I believe that the Democrats see climate changes as more of a problem while Republicans see it as a minor issue of concern. I do not believe that the threats of climate changes are exaggerated at all. There are scientific facts to prove that these climatic changes exist and I believe we must act upon them now, as fiercely as possible. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.




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State Lotteries – A gamble towards success

State Lotteries – A gamble towards success

Essentially, the lottery is a game spread across a vast area that numerous people have a chance to participate in. These players pay a minor payment in order to have a small chance to win a large cash prize (State lottery legal definition). While some may believe that the government should not sponsor the lottery, I believe that the lottery should be sponsored by the states. If the states were to sponsor the lottery, then they could earn more money from these lotteries and use this money to help better the state itself. If all states were to follow this theory, then we could better the nation itself.  While this is the main reason for states to sponsor the lottery, there are also other reasons to support this theory.

One reason that the state should sponsor the lottery is because it is a form of entertainment for the people, while allowing the state to raise income. This raise in income occurs without increasing tax, which essentially allows the state to gain money without forcing the citizens to pay extra. While the state is also gaining this income, it allows the citizens of the state to freely enjoy the entertainment provided. This is while they are subconsciously paying extra towards the state, for the state’s better development. The state now will have extra resources, which will help to fund worthwhile state projects.

For those that may argue against a state lottery, they may say that it will lead to a gambling problem amongst the citizens. While this may have some credibility, it is also true that it is the citizen’s choice to partake in this form of entertainment. It is clearly labeled that players must play responsibly on all game types of the lottery (Hooper). It is essentially the player that will force himself into a gambling problem, and thus it is the player’s responsibility to play with care and not get carried away.

Another reason why state lotteries should be supported is because of the extra income that the state will receive. This extra income cannot only help aid in state projects, but it can also help to aid in security or safety issues with the state. The Federal Emergency Management Agency was created on April 1979 (Garret, 2). This was an agency that was aimed to help any of the states when they needed assistance and did not have the proper funding. In other words, FEMA came to aid states that needed assistance but did not have enough state funding. This proper funding could have been achieved if some of those states had a state lottery in effect, or had exploited the advantages of a state lottery further.

FEMA was not created for the sole purpose of aiding states because they had insufficient funding from their state lotteries. However, I believe that it would not have been necessary for FEMA to intervene in many circumstances, if those states had more funding from their lotteries. Some examples of FEMA’s interventions were during Hurricane Andrew, the Buffalo Snowstorms, and the California wildfires.

In conclusion I believe that the states should sponsor their lotteries, because this allows them to raise income without taxation and as such improve the quality of life for its citizens. These games will also provide the people with entertainment, as long as they are in control and do not head towards a gambling problem. Also state lotteries will effectively allow a constant income to the state which will help for when the state is in need of money for a project or for safety. This way FEMA will not have to intervene and as a result we will save more money, leading to more resources for better uses.

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Reflective Memo


Reflective Memo

I chose the topic of the Jason Derulo concert because it was an upcoming event that I was anticipating. The most important thing I’ve learned about from the overall experience is that one should not keep their hopes up too high, but instead enjoy something for what it is. My perspective on the topic was that the concert would be exciting. I developed this perspective due to all of the excitement the other students had about the concert. The dominant impression that I wanted to bring to my readers was to allow the reader to experience what I’ve experienced. Also I wanted to add in a few different perspectives about the concert, so the readers could also listen to those perspectives. From all the perspectives the reader would have heard, the reader could then make a perspective themselves.

My role in observation was as an outsider. I was attending a concert that I had not planned, nor was performing in, making me an outsider in the event. I believe that my role was helpful in order to show a view of an outsider about the concert. If I had a chance for another visit, I would have loved to talk to Jason Derulo himself, although I believe this would be very hard.

My favorite part of the profile is that I had many different, conflicting perspectives about the concert. I really felt that this would allow the reader to make a perspective of their own and enjoy the experience in a multitude of ways. I also enjoyed explaining my observations and using metaphors and similes to aid me in these explanations.

For my second draft, I went through and changed all the mistakes that I had made. Also there were some parts where I felt that I could add more detail, or perhaps expand more on. These revisions helped to improve the profile by allowing the reader to be able to envision the event in a more clear way.


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Profile: Jason Derulo Concert

Jason Derulo

It was October 29th 2010, around 6:00pm on a Friday night at Fairfield University. Many of the students are eating dinner at Barone while planning the festivities of their night.  Excitement filled the air as the eager students of Fairfield swarmed into the cafeteria like a constant breeze of wind. There was only a mere hour of preparation for these students before the long-awaited arrival of Jason Derulo. The feelings of a typical Friday night were not like this one. This time a sensation of exhilaration floated about every student of Fairfield, as this feeling did to me. Tonight was the night that we had all been anticipating since Jason Derulo’s arrival was announced.

At 6:30pm the students begin to gather at the gates of Jason Derulo. Like lost wanderers exploring an unfamiliar land, they trickled into the river of people flowing through the gates and into the concert area.

I walked along side a fellow student, Thomas Banks, and saw he was in a state of excitement. He hummed and sang a few songs softly to himself, as if he was preparing himself for the upcoming event. Tom was easy to talk to in this state and spoke to me about his excitement. Although he thought the concert tickets were awfully overpriced he claimed that it would all be worth it for Jason Derulo’s performance, since he was not a fan of the other two performing bands. “You don’t go to a concert for the warm-up bands, but instead for the headliner. Jason Derulo is what is going to make this concert enjoyable.”

These were my exact thoughts, as I assumed were everyone else’s as well. Fairfield University seemed to only emphasize Jason Derulo in their advertisements for the concert. Was there really any need for the other bands, besides warming up the crowd for the main event?

By now we were inside and the storm of people quieted down, only to merge all of their excitement together and begin the celebration in unity. As the concert progressed, more and more wanderers gradually entered the vicinity and joined the sea of people.

Through the concert I felt the intensity of the performers being projected from the stage and into the audience. The sea of people took in this intensity and amplified it ten-fold, and soon I also found myself being swept into this wave of intensity. The mass was so tightly packed that it became a battlefield to protect one’s small area of movement. Although I felt this uncomfortable and annoying, I also felt that it added to the feelings of exhilaration and intensity. Unfortunately, these sensations would soon be put to an end.

This was not what I had anticipated at all. Jason Derulo was introduced onto the stage and like expected; the crowd projected their feelings for him in unison. However after he began to perform I could sense the sensation of intensity only slightly lingering about. Soon this sensation faded away completely.

Tom stopped moving completely, and looked to the ground with a disappointed look. It was as if he could not find any way to express his current feelings. He shook his head and looked at me, while this deprival of intensity gradually decreased from the entire crowd. I asked him what he was thinking so far and he stated that he was essentially in complete disapproval. “I feel as if I was robbed. This is what I paid $40 for?” He yelled over the music. I furthered my questioning by asking him why and he could only simply point to the stage, where Jason Derulo was performing. Looking up to the stage, I realized that no more needed to be said.

The concert soon came to a close alone with the feelings of the crowd and we made our way out the doors and back into the cold wasteland of Fairfield. While on the trek outside, conversations from person to person would only be speaking about the disappointment of Jason Derulo. I walked along side Tom and another member of our group Eddie Weiner. I had not talked to Eddie about the concert prior and so decided to get his input on what he saw, while his observations and feelings were still fresh. He explained that the concert was exciting; he kept his expectations low and somehow he says that he ended up with much more than he bargained for. Eddie’s small speech gave me a change of heart. He stated “Even though I keep hearing Derulo was bad, I had a good time dancing and enjoying myself to the other bands.” This was truly the case and I believe that Tom and anyone else who was disappointed failed to see it. Eddie made me believe that you should not allow a simple misjudgment ruin your entire expectations.

Finally, our trek through the cold ended and we arrived back into our houses of warmth. Many were discussing the concert as their thoughts raced, but I had put my thoughts to peace with Eddie’s statement. As I walked into my room snuggled under my covers of warmth, I could only still hear the roaring of the crowd when the warm-up bands were playing. I simply tuned out the disappointments and decided to enjoy the concert for what it was worth.


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Facebook: A Student’s Survival Guide

A Student’s Survival Guide to Facebook

The Internet has been developing at a rapid rate since its creation. Overtime more and more users began to utilize the Internet, and soon Facebook was created. At first, Facebook began as a small social-networking website, but as time progressed, Facebook grew exponentially larger. In this current time, Facebook has grown so large that it has gradually become a problem. Some may say that Facebook is an essential website that has a variety of beneficial social uses. Kathy Fischer even goes as far as saying “My colleagues and I were amazed at how integral Facebook had become to the lives of our students, and although we found certain uses of the site disturbing, we saw its popularity as presenting a unique opportunity” (Fischer 1). While I see that there are some useful tools of Facebook, I believe we must also look at the negative impacts caused by these tools.

In general, Facebook was aimed for students in high school to college, and thus that is the group that must encumber the most negative impacts. According to Nicole Ellison, “an estimated 79-95% of all undergraduates have a Facebook”. Ellison claims that all of these undergraduates gain great benefits from the social networking that Facebook provides. Some examples of these social benefits may be maintaining a relationship, resurrecting past relationships, and converting weak ties to greater bonds. By “chatting” or “messaging” other people through Facebook, one is able to keep a stable relationship or empower an existing one. In addition, due to the amount of information on one’s Facebook profile, others may view this information freely and feel a sense of closeness to you. “Online interactions do not necessarily remove people from their offline world but may indeed be used to support relationships and keep people in contact, even when life changes move them away from each other” (Ellison, 12).

While I agree with Ellison that online interactions through Facebook will “support relationships and keep people in contact”, I believe that they will remove people from their offline worlds. Doug Fodeman and Marje Monroe have studied this opinion and concluded that there is truth behind it. Fodeman and Monroe state that students are spending more time in their online world using Facebook, and less time connected with their friends in the offline world. “Teens are increasingly using telecommunications technologies, including Facebook, to avoid difficult face-to-face conversations” (Fodeman & Monroe, 1). By avoiding such conversations, students will slowly lose their social skills in the offline world, and gradually continue to be enveloped into the online world of Facebook. Fodeman and Monroe also add that Facebook has become a frequent source of bullying, due to the fact that there is no need for this “face-to-face” conversation.

In fact, Katie Hafner wrote an article in the New York Times about this Facebook addiction. In Hafner’s article she includes a small portion of an interview with Kimberly Young, a psychologist. ““It’s like an eating disorder,” says Young. “You can’t eliminate food. You just have to make better choices about what you eat.” She adds, “And what you do online”” (Hafner, 1). I believe that this a true analogy because Young points out the problem of Facebook addiction does not aim to completely be rid of it. Instead, Young is suggesting that we find ways around such an addiction, for example, spending less time on Facebook and more time socializing.

In conclusion I believe that while Facebook has features that are exceedingly essential to students, we must also monitor how we use these tools. I believe that there is a balance between proper use of Facebook and overuse of Facebook; we must never cross that line. Facebook addiction is becoming a disease that is gradually spreading its influence throughout the world. Without proper control of our use of Facebook, we may all become victims to this pandemic.




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Standardized tests such as the SATs and ACTs have been a part of the college application process for some time. These standardized tests are an important component to the college application process because they will most likely predict a student’s academic success in college. It is the amount of time students will spend to study for these tests that will be reflected through the SAT grades they receive. Colleges will then view these grades and decide if the student will have a successful future on their campus.

According to an article in the New York Times, Po Bronson states that some recent studies have shown that SAT scores relate to student’s college grades 67% of the time. While this 67% is not all of the college students, it shows that the majority of college student’s are reflecting their grades through their SAT scores. In addition to this, the SATs are not given to simply test a student’s knowledge. In fact, they are given to test a student’s ability to study. The SAT grades will reflect a students ability to study, and thus this ability is what will be reflected in the student’s grades in college.


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Profile Proposals

Gonzaga Hall

Gonzaga hall is one of the four freshman dorms at Fairfield. I am interested in this topic because I have a first hand experience in this community. Also I believe that by writing about this topic, it will help me take on a variety of different views on this topic.  The readers will be interested in this topic because it will allow them to experience and feel the bonds that the members of this community have developed with one another, over such a short amount of time. That journey itself will keep the reader interested through emotion and context.

I have already gained access to Gonzaga hall, since I am a member of the hall.  The only background research that I have on this topic is that I am on a friendly basis with everyone in the hall. In other words, I have already assembled a mentally makeshift profile about the members in my hall. I have already talked to almost everyone in Gonzaga before my observation of this community and thus have all the information necessary to construct a profile based on these encounters.

The key aspects that I plan to take note of are the strong sense of community within Gonzaga. To put this into simple terms: “We are a family” one member said to me. I believe that this bond that all of the members in Gonzaga have is an important bond to take note of. While other freshman dorms and communities may have such bonds, I truly believe the bond in Gonzaga is one of the strongest. I would also like to generally take note of how the Hall functions as a whole, and would like to further explain the “wolfpack” analogy that we have placed upon ourselves.

I would like to interview a few members of Gonzaga, an RA, and also some of the members of Gonzaga who are on the RCC board. The questions I would ask them would be about our community. For the members I would ask them what they thought of the bonds that we have formed. For the RA I would like to ask him how well we cope together and with the rules of the dorm.


Fund-Raising Dinner

Every year at the St. Ann’s church in Danbury, CT there is a dinner that is aimed at fund-raising. Although this is not my first choice, I am interested in doing this topic because I would like to write about the community that comes together to put together a fund-raiser. Besides this I also believe that the reader will be interested in seeing how efficiently our fund-raiser will work. I would like to get a variety of perspectives on this topic as well, such as, the people running it, the people participating in it, and that of a complete outsider who has merely heard of it.

It will be easy for me to gain access to the church as it is only a 10minute drive from my home. I can go home for a weekend and visit the church while I am there. The church’s website is I believe this will be good background information as it will provide background of the church itself.

I plan to take note on the differentiating views of all who participate in this fund-raiser. One perspective may be that of the people who are cooking and serving the food, another may be that of someone who is paying for the food, and last may be of someone not involved at all. I would also like to explore the sense of community that we have while we put together this fund raiser.

I can interview many people for this event. One person that I can interview is another member who runs the event, another is a member may be someone who is participating in the dinner, and lastly I would like the opinion of an outsider who has only heard of this event.


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RFK In The Land Of Apartheid: A Ripple of Hope

A Ripple Of Hope

I believe that in this world we are each assigned a variety of challenging roles. It then becomes our responsibility to play these roles out to the fullest, since we know others will be impacted by our actions. In the film RFK in the Land of Apartheid: A Ripple of Hope, Robert F. Kennedy takes on a certain, life-changing role that concludes with a major impact on South Africa.

During the film, Kennedy visits numerous regions in South Africa in order to spread his sphere of influence to the people. Of these places, I judge that Kennedy’s meeting with Chief Albert Lutuli had a key impact on his overall role in South Africa. Chief Albert Lutuli was silenced due to his call for freedom in South Africa, and as a result, Lutuli was forced to live under house arrest in an isolated home.

Of course, when I saw this I knew it was wrong to place an individual under such a consequence, only because of his beliefs. Not only this, but I also saw Lutuli’s views and voice for freedom as one that must be applauded. I was surprised to see that Lutuli was denied his freedom of speech and then placed under harsh circumstances. However, I was relieved once Kennedy had his meeting with Lutuli and gave Lutuli the chance that he was waiting for. That chance was the chance to become the key to change.

Lutuli’s quiet voice would soon reach all the people of South Africa through Kennedy’s role, using influence as the key. This was when Kennedy’s role would impact all of South Africa, through his most famous “Ripple of Hope” speech. This speech was the key to Kennedy’s role in South Africa; it slowly forced a tide of change that would soon redevelop the country as a whole.

In the speech Kennedy states “Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.” I see this quote to be the strongest sentence of his speech because I believe that it represents exactly what Kennedy is standing for. I believe that Kennedy went to South Africa in order to become this ripple of hope. He does all that he mentions – “stands up for an ideal, acts to improve the lot of other, and strikes out against justice”. In fact, he takes this even further and helps others who have been trying to do these acts of justice and have been silenced through the process.

In a certain picture during the film, it shows Kennedy in a poorer area of South Africa. The main figures in this figure are Kennedy and two poor-class African males. In the background you can also visualize two other African males and an African woman, all of who seem to be family members of the other two. The focal point of the image is Kennedy’s hand as he reaches it out to shake hands with the other two African men. The look on their faces is a mix of curiosity and a small bit of confusion. I believe that these are their expressions because they are happy yet confused as to why Kennedy would reach out to them, just average poor-class citizens. This picture also is an example of Kennedy’s willingness to spread his ripple of hope to everyone, not just simply those who have power.

We have all been a “ripple of hope” at least once in our lives. However we may not realize this. Even some of the things you think are unimportant and small, may be a ripple of hope to others. I believe that I have seen this ripple of hope in my past a few times. For three years I served the church as an alter boy. I did not take on this task to view myself as a ripple of hope, but I believe that from that task I have formed a small ripple of hope. My starting motivation to take on this task was simply because my friends were doing this. However, over the years it slowly grew into something I’ve enjoyed, and gradually resonated as one of my ripples of hope.

In conclusion I believe that Kennedy was indirectly the ripple of hope that he mentioned in his speech. I saw Kennedy’s role in South Africa as the key role to impact for change of South Africa. I believe that together we can all become ripples of hope, and just as Kennedy mentioned, we can “build a current that can crush down any wall.”

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This is a pretty legit tree.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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